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#Feeling of being aLive

Sometimes I really wonder?  How does a human "heart" and "minds" are undertaken. We always 'desire and 'wish" someone to really stand for" us".  Someone to hold on to" us" Someone to carry  "us " Someone beside  "us" And suddenly in the period of sunset to sunrise a question arose.! Who is responsible for my own thoughts and feelings..? Who is liable for my own problems and situation..?  ''Do I really need a support'' And after the complete absence of 'sound' I was just asking my soul, to be my own "conscious" M I  not  sufficient enough to carry off my own troubles M I not enough to pass through my own flaws. And from a soundless impulse of thought!  I expressed it to myself That today I choose to walk. I'll hold to my own grounds  I'll be strong, strong enough to drive my own existence. and To strengthen my own mode of living. And t

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